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  1. A full day of seminar ( Maximum Number of students in class: 10)
  2. Two MTEL math e-books (ISBN pending) written by Professor Karnik which contain more than 800 fully solved math problems. Bring a flash drive or your laptop with you when you attend the seminar, so we can load the two e-books on your computer.
  3. Many handouts related to the MTEL examination.
  4. A free one hour one-on-one tutoring lesson which you can attend before the seminar.
  5. We guarantee that you will pass the MTEL exam or your next seminar is FREE!

You can call 413.567.3985 and set up time for one-on-one tutoring which is meant to fix your weak areas and help you pass the test. The tutoring rate is $45 per hour!
  1. Passed MTEL exams with perfect scores on the first attempt.
  2. Trained hundreds of teachers who have passed the MTEL.
  3. College teaching for more than 37 years.
  4. Math tutoring for thousands of students for more than 25 years.
  5. Graduate degrees in engineering from Rutgers University and Rensselaer Polytechnic.
  6. Author of two MTEL math books (ISBN pending).
  7. He has provided MTEL mathematics training for Springfield Public Schools, Holyoke Public Schools for many years. He also trains mathematics teachers at a school in Longmeadow, MA.
  1. M.I., Springfield
  2. A.R., Longmeadow
  3. C.R., Longmeadow
  4. E.R., East Longmeadow
  5. A.K., West Springfield
  6. M.F., Chicopee
  7. J.B., Chicopee
  8. C.B., West Springfield
  9. M.W., East Longmeadow
  10. P.D., Springfield
  11. A.T., Springfield
  12. L.M., Springfield


  1. Numbers and operations (41% of the test)
  2. Functions and Algebra (22% of the test)
  3. Geometry and Measurement (18% of the test)
  4. Statistics and Probability (9% of the test)
  5. Integration of Knowledge and Understanding ie. Open Response Problems (10%)
The MTEL Math prep courses & seminars are held on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm at Professor Karnik’s tutoring center at 653 Maple Rd, Longmeadow, MA 01106 (telephone: 413.567.3985)
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Take Interstate highway 91 south to Longmeadow exit (exit 1). It will bring you to Route 5 or Longmeadow Street. Drive 3.2 miles on Longmeadow Street. Take a left turn on Maple Road. Drive 1.2 miles on Maple Road to arrive at 653 Maple Road on the right.
No more than 10 students per class.
Professor Karnik offers a FREE diagnostic test (total time: 1 hour). It is offered at our tutoring center in Longmeadow. It is recommended that you take this test before you attend the seminar because it will indicate the areas where you need help. Call Professor Karnik’s personal phone number 413.567.3985 to set up the time to take the test. Our test center is open from 5 pm to 9 pm on Monday to Thursday and 10 am to 5 pm on Sundays. There is no obligation and the test is absolutely free.
Professor Karnik or his secretary will call you back and you can register over the phone 413.567.3985 or in person when you attend the free diagnostics/tutoring session.
We accept personal checks. You may pay by a check at our seminar / tutoring center at 653 Maple Rd., Longmeadow, MA 01106. Full amount ($99) must be paid at the seminar.
Our students travel from all over New England to take our MTEL math prep courses including towns such as: Springfield MA, Holyoke MA, Longmeadow MA, Worcester MA, Boston MA, Amherst MA, Hadley MA, Northampton MA, Deerfield MA, Bennington VT, Brattleboro VT, Winchester VT, Enfield CT, Windsor CT, Granby CT